Visit by educators from National Junior College

Welcome to SST


On 28 April 2017, SST hosted eight educators from National Junior College. They were:

1) Ms Vivian Liu (Teacher, JH Language Arts)

2) Ms Clio Ding (Teacher, Art)

3) Ms Mak Wei Shan (Teacher, Humanities)

4) Mr Zhang Jianping (Teacher, Mother Tongue)

5) Ms Lee Shan Shan (Senior Teacher, Junior High (JH) Science)

6) Ms Wang Shiliang (Subject Head Knowledge Management, Senior High Economics)

7) Mr Teo Tze-Wei (HOD Info & Stats, Senior HIgh Mathematics)

8) Ms Kavitha (HOD Humanities)






SST did an introduction on its vision, mission, values, goals, curriculum, and SST’s approach to applied learning.


This blog is created specially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

We invite you to share with us your take-aways and feedback of visit.

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