Visit by West Spring Secondary School’s English teachers

Welcome to SST


On 14 July 2017, SST hosted English teachers from West Spring Secondary School





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3 thoughts on “Visit by West Spring Secondary School’s English teachers

  1. Veronica Aw says:

    Thank you so much for taking time and effort to host us today! I must say today's visit was an eye-opener for me. The students were self-directed learners and appeared really confident and at ease to interact with us and even handle some tough questions with Breeze! Would love to learn how your school empower students through your curriculum Programme in the Lang arts classroom and how you build authentic learning experiences for all your students in SST.


  2. Siti Farhanum says:

    Thank you SST for giving us the opportunity to witness Congress Day firsthand. The most important takeaway for me today is that every stakeholder should have a clear understanding of what the shared vision/mission is so that there is a closer integration of skills and ideas.


  3. Elspeth Xie says:

    I had initially expected to observe classroom lessons on Language Arts but instead was treated to an even better learning experience of being able to observe the entire school in action for their Congress Week. Seeing the different cohorts of students going about their different tasks was an eye-opener as I got to observe how their learning would progress from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. The progression of the intended tasks is clear and the students make meaning in what they have to do or what they are doing. It is great that while they find meaning, they also see how they can apply what they learn to real life.


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