Visit by Punahou School

Welcome to SST


On 20 October 2017, SST hosted 4 visitors from Punahou School. They were:

  • Dr Todd Chow-Hoy, Junior School (K-8) Vice-Principal;


  • Dr Kamal Kapadia, Co-Director, Luke Center for Public Service and Sustainability;



  • Ke’alohi Reppun, Co-Director, Kuaihelani Hawaiian Learning Center;



  • Anna Liem, Director of Professional Programmes


SST did an introduction to its vision, mission, values, goals, curriculum, and SST’s approach to applied learning.
They were given a brief introduction of the school and brought on a tour of the facilities.


This blog is created especially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!


4 thoughts on “Visit by Punahou School

  1. Kealohi Reppun says:

    What an awesome place of learning. Of particular interest is the clear acualization of a balance of both compulsory and choice-based experience. The many visible examples of applied learning and variety of applied learning contexts is impressive and inspiring. Although our educational context is quite different I am grateful to be coming away from this visit with many ideas about changing current practice and approach and for establishing new learning experiences for our students. Mahalo a nui, thank you very much!


  2. Anna Liem says:

    Thank you for a wonderful visit. I appreciated the opportunity to meet with a range of representatives from SST, from your principal to a student. I’m intrigued by your professional development model for onboarding new faculty and would love to learn more about how that program works. The degree of real-world experience that you provide for students is impressive, as is the sense of a unified curricular experience that you provide to a fairly large population of students.


  3. Todd Chow-Hoy says:

    You have provided much for our school to think about and aspire to. Our short time together has provided much inspiration and food-for-thought, as well as surfaced challenges that our school will need to address if we hope to provide the type of opportunities you do at SST. We are in the middle of rethinking our school schedule, developing coherent curricular opportunities, and evaluating our co-curricular course offerings and hope that we will be able to stay in touch, continue to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today!


  4. Kamal Kapadia says:

    I am really very inspired by your school’s philosophy, approach, curriculum, and spaces. The dedication and knowledge of your staff is amazing. It seems like you’ve figured out a great approach to training students to be capable, innovative, creative contributors to modern society. My only suggestion for the tour would be to allow us to meet a few more students. I really enjoyed meeting the student in robotics. A few more much meetings would be great. But overall, it has been a very valuable and enjoyable learning experience. As we say in Hawai’i, mahalo lui loa, or thank you very much! Please come visit us at Punahou!


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