Visit by Philippines Science High School on 20 June 2018

Welcome to SST

On 20 June 2018, SST hosted Philippines Science High School delegates, organised by the Nanyang Polytechnic International and sponsored by the Temasek Foundation International with the purpose of building bridges between Asian communities.

The group of delegates comprises heads of departments from selected top science high schools in the Philippines to find out how SST makes the learning of Science, Maths and Engineering, engaging, interesting and imaginative.

The delegates are:

  • S/No Name Designation/Job Organization
    1. Ma. Concepcion B. Sakai Chief, Finance And Administrative Division Phlippines Science High School System

    (PSHS – DOST)

    2. April Dumayag Senior Science Research Specialist Science Education Institute, DOST
    3. Bernadeth Daran Supervising Education Program Specialist Bureau Of Curriculum Development- Central Office (DepEd)
    4. Joseph Gutierrez Senior Education Program Specialist Bureau Of Curriculum Development- Central Office  (DepEd)
    5. Evelyn Bumanglag Principal Regional Science High School- Region 2 (DepEd)
    6. Amerfina N. Delmendo Principal Principal of Regional Science High School for Region I (DepEd)
    7. Edna V. Bañaga Principal Quezon City Science High School- NCR (DepEd)
    8. Ma. Gina S. Anqui Principal Ramon Teves Pastor Mem. Dumaguete Science HS- Region VII (DepEd)
    9. Dr. Esperidion F. Ordonio Principal Principal of Regional Science High School for Region III (DepEd)
    10. Ma. Luisa A. Guyano Principal Caraga Regional Science High School- Caraga (DepEd)
    11. Peter Ernie Paris Professor West Visayas State University

    for Science Education Institute, DOST

    12. Luzviminda Quitos Professor Central Luzon State University

    for Science Education Institute, DOST

    13. Phabe Tabucalde Instructor Palawan State University

    for Science Education Institute, DOST

    14. Ms. Mary Ann R. Lagua Chief, Student Services Division PSHS – Ilocos Region Campus
    15. Ms. Alice C. Manuel Chief, Curriculum And Instruction Division PSHS – Cagayan Valley Campus
    16. Ms. Fely B. Buera Chief, Curriculum And Instruction Division PSHS – Bicol Region Campus
    17. Mr. Carlo Chris S. Apurillo Chief, Curriculum And Instruction Division PSHS – Eastern Visayas Campus
    18. Ms. Jasmin C. Esperante Chief, Curriculum And Instruction Division PSHS – Central Mindanao Campus
    19. Dr. Cromwell M. Castillo Head, Physics Unit PSHS – Southern Mindanao Campus
    20. Ms. Monica D. Xavier Head, Technology Unit PSHS – Main Campus

SST did an introduction to its vision, mission, values, goals, curriculum, and SST’s approach to applied learning. They were given a brief introduction of the school and brought on a tour of the facilities.


Thank you for visiting SST!

This blog is created especially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

18 thoughts on “Visit by Philippines Science High School on 20 June 2018

  1. Judy Emily says:

    Thank you for your warm hosting of the Philippine Departments of Education and the Science and Technology top high schools. Principal Ms Linda Chan and Mr Aurelius Yeo and the entire team took time to explain SST education and brought the group to visit the facilities that help students learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The delegation brought away with them much food for thought and inspired to keep the youths of today engaged in the learning of sciences.


  2. Mary Ann R. Lagua says:

    This school is an ideal school for secondary students. I hope we will be able to start a linkage through internships or student exchange programs in the future and even teacher exchange.

    Thank you for sharing your strengths.


  3. Mrs. Edna V. Banaga, Quezon City Science High School, NCR, Department of Education, Phils. says:

    Visiting your school has given me a lot of inspiration on how to improve the science education that we provide to our students back in the Philippines. Our common passion to bring out the best from our students necessitates that we continue to learn from each other. Thank you for the very warm accommodations.


  4. Educator says:

    Maraming salamat! (Thank you very much) for accommodating us, it is indeed a great learning experience! Looking forward for more partnerships with you.



  5. Educator says:

    SST is a very interactive school. It is good that we from the Philippines have visited your school and learn from your experience.

    We have a very similar admission process and we admire the passion of your faculty to share with us some of their experiences.

    We hope to have a more productive partnership with your school.


  6. Educator says:

    Such a great experience to be oriented to the SST system. So amazed of the advance system, resources, support and partnerships available. Am starting to dream big starting with our school and onwards to the cause of science high schools in the Philippines.


  7. Educator says:

    Thanks for the wonderful experience. I can certainly apply the things that I have learned in our sharing as I go back to our institution. I hope that we can work hand in hand as partners in the future.


  8. Phabe says:

    It’s a wonderful experience visiting SST. Thank you for sharing with us your unique curriculum to benchmark on as we go back to the Philippines. The way you design classrooms and laboratory rooms is amazing, learner-friendly and output-/product-oriented. It’s worth the effort, time and money to visit your school! Salamat and mabuhay! – Phabe


  9. Educator says:

    Nice facilities…friendly staff… passionate mentors…has a curriculum that is responsive to the times and the kind of learners of today.


  10. Educator says:

    Thank you so much SST for accommodating us. You have a wonderful school, great Principal and staff and a great curriculum! God bless all of you.


  11. Evelyn Regional Science HS Region 2 Philippines says:

    It’s wonderful experience to be here at SST. It’s a very rich encounter with the staff especially the principal who is very smart and have shared very rich ideas to us. We may not be able to have these sophisticated equipment and facilities way back home but we were inspired by the passion and commitment of this school in the quest to provide education that will eventually improve the quality of life among our Learners. Thank you for the warm welcome and accommodation.


  12. Educator says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome in spite of you busy schedule. Continue inspiring and innovating. So proud to be here in your beautiful school.


  13. -Monica Xavier, Philippine Science High School Main Campus says:

    There are so many aspects that were great, but I was truly impressed by how the value statements are carried through and can be seen in the school design, through the students’output, and in the stories shared.


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