Welcome to SST


On 27 September 2018, SST hosted a group of Mathematics and Science key personnel from S4 Cluster Schools. They were hosted by Ms Priscilla Lee, HOD of Mathematics and Mrs Lim Woon Foong, HOD of Science.


They were given a brief introduction of the school and were split up into two different groups for a more in-depth discussion by the two HODs. The key personnel from the S4 clusters were eager to learn about how SST develops resilience and adaptability in our students as they connect academic concepts and real-world issues to come up with innovative solutions to impact society.


We would like to thank the group of visitors for making the time to visit SST.

This blog is created especially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!


  1. Lee Chee wei says:

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing with us the approaches used to enthuse and engage the students. Will definitely modify some of it to suit to my students.


  2. Grace Choy says:

    Thank you for hosting us. We have learnt a lot from you today especially how students are engaged and how real life authentic learning is designed. The learning resources built for students are enriched and meaningful. Thank you very much.


  3. Ting h says:

    Eye opener to see the applied learning in SST. Thank you for sharing the DSA procedure which will come in useful for us when asked by our P6 parents.


  4. John Lim says:

    Thank you SST! Appreciate the rich sharing on your applied learning approach and your signature way of engaging students and helping them discover the joy of learning.


  5. Tang Siew Hong says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the lesson planning and performance tasks designed for students in such detail. Great to learn about the different Math activities in the school.


  6. Mrs Ling In Kee says:

    I really think that the students here are very fortunate. They have a wide range of learning experiences to develop them.


  7. Loh Sing Huay says:

    Thank you for very comprehensive overview of the SST curriculum. The opportunities provided for the students to explore and deepen their interests in the Sciences are amazing!


  8. Judy Chan says:

    Thank you for hosting us. The sharing gives me clearer idea on the learning experiences that the students undergo which are exciting in my opinion. I’m particularly awed by the mathematical tasks that the students have to complete. Mathematical-based but yet connected to real world. I can only imagine the massive prep work that the Math Teachers need to go through in the design of the lessons. Well done!


  9. Jess says:

    It has been an enriching experience and am deeply appreciative of the Teachers who are so generous in their sharing of the programmes and experiences teaching in SST. Thank you for being such a great host!


  10. Goh Yuh Mein says:

    An interesting and insightful sharing ! Thank you for sharing the
    comprehensive science programme and the PD journey taken!


  11. Ng Kok Leong says:

    Thank you SST- especially to Ms Lim and Ms Lee, for the warmth and hospitality in hosting us today. The sharing has been very engaging and informative. Appreciate the learning I have had here, especially the information on your Sci Talent Development Programme. Please keep up the good work that you are doing for the next generation.


  12. Ellen Tan says:

    Thank you for the sharing by HOD Math and Science and STs. It was a enriching to understand how the school has structured and planned a rigorous and very much learner centred curriculum for students which allows them to explore their interests.


  13. Yeo Yang Hong says:

    Thank you SST for hosting! An eye-opener to the possibilities and programmes which help prepare students for their future in terms of character building and problem-solving.


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