Welcome to SST

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On 29 July 2019, SST welcome Education Minister, Mr Ong Ye Kung. SST school leaders and teachers shared key insights about SST’s curriculum, and also took the time to ask questions they had about Singapore’s education landscape.

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After the session, Mr Ong viewed some of our students’ projects at the exhibition centre and went to the Art, Design, Media and Technology classroom for a lesson observation.

Viewing of students' projects at the exhibition centre.JPG

There, the students shared their concepts for the SST-3M InnoScience Challenge, a part of the ChangeMakers programme. They were tasked to consider issues faced by Singaporeans in the field of transport and safety, and to design an innovative product that will help improve lives.


Several SST students also had the opportunity to share about their SST experience with him. They were able to ask many questions relating to CCA, curriculum and even drones.


The students showed him the SSTunio, a microcontroller conceptualised by SST alumni, which was meant to facilitate ICT learning under the ChangeMakers programme. It is part of the booklist for every Secondary One student.


Thank you Mr Ong for visiting SST!


This blog is created especially for you to serve as an alternative interaction platform where our conversation continues!

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