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On 5 November 2019, SST welcomed key personnel from Jurong Pioneer Junior College as part of their strategic planning retreat. The visitors hope to gain better understanding of  the secondary school landscape and student experiences through this exchange. They were hosted by Mrs Linda Chan, SST Principal, who shared key insights of SST’s programmes and curriculum, and how curriculum in the school has been designed to meet the needs of SST students.

No. Name Designation
1 Miss Britta Seet Vice Principal
2 Ms Sarizah Kiman
Head of Department (English Language)
3 Ms Veronica Low
Subject Head (Partnerships)
4 Mr Subash Ramiah Year Head
5 Mr Koh Chit Siong Year Head
6 Mrs Chionh-Lim Sheau Jen
Head of Department (Mother Tongue Languages)
7 Mr James Koh
Head of Department (Physics)
8 Ms Michelle Quek
Subject Head (Strategic Information Management)
9 Ms Shalwa Md Taib
Level Head (General Paper)


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